anarchy.wavTop Dollar's Anarchy Speech
cantrain.wav"It can't rain all the time"
deadbang.wav"You got me deadbang..."
deadmove.wav"I say I'm dead...and I move"
eerie.wav"You know Lake Eerie caught on fire once..."
funboy.wavThe Funboy scene
gasoline.wav"Is that gasoline I smell?"
gideon.wavThe Gideon scene
guitar1.wavEric's sad guitar solo
guitar2.wavEric's angry guitar solo
hewasdead.wav"He was already dead..."
impression.wav"Caw! Caw! Bang! F*ck! I'm Dead!"
laugh.wavEric's evil laugh
loveyou.wav"I love you...Say that again..."
mother.wav"Mother is the name for God"
perished.wavT-Bird complains to Top Dollar
rapping.wavEric quotes Edgar A. Poe
tbird.wavT-Bird is about to die
trivial.wav"Nothing is trivial..."
victims.wav"Victims, aren't we all?"
worm.wavSkank feels like a worm