Alex Corvis swore that the brutal slaying of his girlfriend was the work of a "mystery man" with a scarred arm, that it was this unseen attacker who stabbed Lauren Randall fifty-three times with a hunting knife and then framed Alex for the crime. A loner from the wrong side of the tracks, the young man's story is not believed, and with the cards stacked against him, Alex is sent to the electric chair on the night of his twenty-first birthday. As the youngest man ever executed on Death Row, Alex returns as the Crow to avenge two murders: his girlfriend's by an unknown assailant, and his own at the hand of the state.

Eric Mabius, Kirsten Dunst, Jodi Lyn O'Keefe and Fred Ward all star in The Crow: Salvation, the highly-anticipated Dimension Films thriller, due in theatres nationwide this spring. The Crow: Salvation soundtrack will hit retail on March 28th.

To flesh out The Crow's shadowy world--a moody, gloomy, dark and doomy mosaic of rain-drenched back streets and haunting, dead-of-night beauty, KOCH Records has assembled a deliciously decadent star-studded soundtrack.

The Crow: Salvation features exclusive music from gold, platinum and multi-platinum acts such as Monster Magnet, The Crystal Method, Rob Zombie, Kid Rock, Hole, Filter and Days Of The New; as well as music from artists such as Tricky, Stabbing Westward, Pitchshifter, Static X, Danzig, New American Shame, The Infidels (featuring actress Juliette Lewis on vocals), Sin and The Flys.

"The record is packed with great artists and we have high expectations for its success around the world" says Bob Frank, President of KOCH Entertainment.

To capture the film's aura of malevolent melancholy, Crow producer/music supervisor Jeff Most fused sweaty, over-amped guitars and bittersweet melodies with sensuous trancelike rythyms and futuristic grind. The end result is a rich ans resonant album with an energy and emotion inherent to the dark angel's twisted tale. Says Most, "It ultimately takes on a life of its own, doubling as a beautiful musical rendition of the film's story."

Filter kicks things off with a seething remix of "The Best Things" (the album's first single and video), followed by Charlie Clouser's crunchy remix of Rob Zombie's "Living Dead Girl," the sensuous, brick-oven smokiness of the Infidels' (featuring Juliette Lewis), "Bad Brother," Kid Rock's bombastic "Warm Winter," Hol's scorching cover of Bob Dylan's "It's All Over Now Baby Blue" and the haunting hip-hop of Tricky's "Antihistamine" (featuring Martina singing the melody from Blondie's "Heart of Glass").

"This isn't just a collection of hot tracks du joir," says Most. "It was important for the soundtrack to have great music while also being able to carry the themes and the plotline of the film. We worked closely with these artists to have the songs tailored to fit the vibe of the film and the record. In some cases we sent rough edits of certain scenes to the bands and songs were remixed or re-recorded to fit a specific emotion."

An example of this is Stabbing Westward's pulsating, re-worked version of "Waking Up Beside You," followed in sequence by the industrial dance slam of "Painful" by French act Sin, the coiled-up guitars of The Flys' "What You Want," the psycho trip of Monster Magnet's "Big God" and the earthy romp of Days of the New's "Independent Slaves."

The Crow: Salvation is rounded out by the rippling sonic layers of Pitchshifter ("Everything Sucks") and The Crystal Method ("Now is the Time"), and the primal scream of Static X ("Burning Inside," which features Fear Factory vocalist Burton C. Bell) and New American Shame ("Rusted Wings"). Closing out the album is the heavy, hairy ferocity of Danzig's "Underbelly of the Beast."

"This may be out best soundtrack album ever and certainly may be the strongest collection of artists ever conceived of for the Crow franchise," says the film's co-producer, Ed Pressman.

It's been over ten years since The Crow first took flight, a black and white comic book struggling to sell out its initial 1000-print run. Now, with feature films, a television series, video games, action figures, numerous books, comics, and even and unauthorized stage show in Dublin, The Crow has become a unique and multifaceted pop culture icon of global proportions. A decade after its debut, The Crow's themes of eternal love, tragic loss and righteous retribution continue to resonate with audiences around the world.

The two previously-released Crow soundtracks have sold over 5 million copies worldwide.

The Crow: Salvation is directed by Bharat Nalluri, written by Chip Johannessen, edited by Howard E. Smith, cinematography by Carolyn Chen, music by Marco Beltrami, based on comic book series and comic strip by James O'Barr.

The film is produced by Edward R. Pressman and Jeff Most. Executive producers are Bob Weinstein, Harvey Weinstein, Christopher Sievernich, Moritz Borman and Alessandro Camon.

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- A BIG THANK YOU to Koch Records, Jeff Diamond and Dave Stanely for providing this information, the cool Salvation pictures and ESPECIALLY my copy of the soundtrack. THANK YOU!