Hole - Gold Dust Woman
White Zombie - I'm Your Boogieman
Filter - Jurassitol
PJ Harvey - Naked Cousin
Bush - In A Lonely Place
Tricky vs. The Gravediggaz - Tonite Is A Special Nite
Seven Mary Three - Shelf Life
Linda Perry featuring Grace Slick - Knock Me Out
Toadies - Paper Dress
NY Loose - Spit
KoRn - Sean Olsen
Deftones - Teething
Iggy Pop - I Wanna Be Your Dog (live)
Pet - Lil' Boots
Above The Law featuring Frost - City of Angels

The Lyrics

Rainmaker's Review:

Even though this soundtrack isn't as good as the first one, it does have some quality alternative music on it. I really enjoy the song 'Naked Cousin' by PJ Harvey. Korn's song 'Sean Olsen' is pretty good though the lead singer sounds a lot like Kurt Kobain on the verses. Hole's re-make of Stevie Knicks' 'Gold Dust Woman' isn't too bad and I also enjoyed 'Shelf Life' by Seven Mary Three. I even have to admit that I liked 'I'm Your Boogieman' by White Zombie too. The songs I hated were those rap-crap tunes called 'Tonight Is A Special Nite' and 'City of Angels'. Rap has NO place on a Crow soundtrack, I'm sorry. The stuff makes me want to vomit. The Iggy Pop song is great but you can barely hear him on the live version. I also wasn't too impressed with 'In A Lonely Place' by Bush. For a song that borrowed a title from James O'Barr's book it should be of SOME quality...I mean look at Deadsouls! Bush's song also threatened to blow out my speakers with it's EXTREME bass drums in the background. Those things got REALLY annoying FAST. The Deftones' song 'Teething' sounds like something that would be on the soundtrack of the next Beavis and Butthead movie. Filter, Toadies, NY Loose and all the rest are OKAY. Nothing much special on this CD, except I can never stop singing "My naked cousin, I see him running..." Rock on PJ Harvey! Hee hee hee. ;o)